I have always had an innate need to create.  I experimented with different media, but settled into clay in 2005.

Organic forms, like the intricate and alien look of an insect, the reaching and sometimes gnarled growth of a tree, the beauty and delicate fragility of a flower, are what I am most drawn to visually and emotionally.  The use of nature and sense of movement in Art Nouveau, especially the architecture, can take my breath away.  I am also in awe of complex industrial human creations like factories, power plants, bridges and dams.  My work is more often organic, and on occasion has suggestion of an industrial aspect.  I like to create works which promote a sense of aliveness, and a feeling of personality.

My ideas come spontaneously and I am grateful they come often.  Ideas come in high level pictures, and as I begin working the piece, it morphs intuitively via stream of consciousness, leaving only a general interpretation of the original vision.  I enjoy using nuts, bolts, and especially found pieces.  I also like to mix hard and sharp lines, against a reaching, meandering movement.

My work captures the organic nature of the universe, mixed with the sharp industrial aspect of humans.  In essence, my subconscious views of our world.